baby shoes spring new genuine leather direct bows handmade

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Product name: baby shoes
Upper material: PU material composition:
Sole Material: Rubber
Product size: according to the foot length increase 0.5cm to buy
The shoes are slightly flawed, the first layer of pig's skin will be a bit worn, small dirty, mind don't shoot
* Foreign trade products are pursuing high cost performance. Although Wuming Eslite has the most stringent quality inspection system, it is still difficult to avoid not affecting the wear.
* The pictures in this shop are all taken with high-definition cameras 100% in kind, but due to different lights and monitors, the problem of chromatic aberration is inevitable.
Warm reminder: The size is a random amount of manual random sampling, and the general error is within the normal range of about 1-3cm.

If the size is not correct, it is recommended to purchase freight insurance! The proportion of each person's body and dress style are different. The recommended size is for reference only. Accept seven days of unreasonable returns and various after-sales services, and resolutely resist re-transactions to buyers with poor reviews without any communication.